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Frequently Asked Questions

We have selected some questions that are frequently asked, we hope you find this useful but if you do have any further questions or would like to discuss any aspects of our permanent makeup procedures, please do get in touch with us either by phone, message or our social media platforms. Although a full consultation is always carried out at the time of your treatment, please feel free to book a stand alone consultation with us if you would like to discuss your options before booking your actual treatment.

How long will the treatment take?
Treatment time varies depending upon the required procedure and our consultation with you. We allow for 30 minutes flexibility prior to treatment as the initial drawing stage can sometimes mean we redraw on the area several times until you are satisfied with the proposed design. We will always allow for a minimum of 2 hours including your consultation and aftercare instructions.

Is permanent makeup the same as microblading?
Microblading is tattooing but the method of the tattoo is using a manual hand tool. We focus our work prodominately on the digital machine method as we find it incredibily verstatile which delivers both amazing results and retention (both implant the pigments in to the Dermis). However we do also offer some eyebrow treatments using the manual hand tool, on some occassions we use a hybrid method to acheive truly customised results for our clients. Hairstroke eyebrows is a design/technique which can be tattooed using either microblading or the digital machine.
What is the difference between permanent makeup and semi-permanent makeup?
None at all! We believe that it should be very clear that once you have this procedure done, you cannot simply wipe them off. Pigments will gradually fade over time, however it does not make the process semi-permanent and you must assume that some residual trace of the tattoo pigments will remain in the skin indefinitely.

Can I have permanent makeup if I am pregnant?
You cannot have any permanent makeup treaments whilst pregnant and it is not advised whilst breast feeding. It will be worth the wait though!
When can I go to the gym/sauna/sunbed?
We strongly suggest you abstain from any heated/moistened/sweaty environments for 7-10 days following your treatment. This is so you do not distrupt the healing process of your new permanent makeup. Once you have healed fully, you can enjoy all of those activities knowing your eyebrows will remain fully intact :-)
Do I have to shave my eyebrows off if I get my eyebrows tattooed?
You most certainly do not! We can create realistic looking eyebrows whether you have any eyebrow hair or not. A bit of eyebrow hair can help with the overall 3D effect and we will always perform a brow tidy for you at the time of your appointment to finish your treatment thoroughly.

Can you go over another technician's work?
We are always happy to work with you if you've had your permenant makeup done elsewhere previously. However this is always subject to a consultation so that we can assess whether any color correction or design work is needed and they will always be treated as a brand new procedure. Note: correction/repair work is extra and chargeable and price will be discussed and agreed at your consultation.

How long will the treatment last?
As everyone is different, this does vary as it depends on how well your skin retains the pigment. Exposure to the sun will also affect the strength of pigment colour so we
advise you to wear sun screen. Chlorine will also fade the pigment colour so prolonged swimming with no waterproof barrier will also affect the colour retention. Generally, it
will last between 1 – 5 years. We recommend that you arrange for your colour boost around the 18 month point in order to keep the colour looking fresh otherwise the colour will gradually fade.

Will the treatment be painful?
Your comfort is of paramount importance to us and we use topical aesthetic creams to minimise and indeed eliminate any discomfort. You may take regular breaks if needed throughout. Following the treatment we advise thoroughly on aftercare along with providing clients with an aftercare pack which includes our special balm by Mrs Frisbee which will aid recovery to the treated area.

Can you treat all skin colours?
Yes. We specialise in treating skin for both women and men from all ethnic or multi-ethnic backgrounds. We understand different types of skin and have pigments to suit everybody.

Can I apply makeup afterwards?
We would encourage clients to wait at least 48 hours post treatment before applying make-up and we advise that you invest in a new mascara if having eyeliner treatments, however we always provide you with a new mascara as part of your eyeliner aftercare pack. You do need to keep your new permanent makeup clean and dry for around 7 days so we do advise you completely avoid the treated area for at least a week as you will need to wash the makeup off so nothing on your brows in this time.

Is it safe?
Yes, all permanent cosmetic treatments are totally safe. The equipment that we use is state of the art, the latest low frequency cosmetic tattoo machine. All consumables are sterile and disposable, you can be assured that we always adhere to the highest standards of hygiene and Health & Safety legislation. The pigments we use are hypo-allergenic and the latest mineral pigments selected for their proven safety and purity. A sensitivity patch test must be carried out a minimum of 24 hours before your treatment, this is to ensure there is no allergy to the pigment. We are fully insured and licensed to operate in the UK.

Can I have an MRI scan aftter having permanent makeup?
If you are medically required to have an MRI scan, yes you can. We advise that you make the technical/doctor carrying out this procedure that you have had permanent makeup. The reason for this is that many permanent makeup pigments contain titanium oxide.

Can I be a blood donor if I've had permanent makeup?
Advice regarding giving blood is the same protocol for body art tattoos and piercing (official guidelines from the NHS Blood Service is usually a 4 month period since your treatment) so please remember to mention this when giving blood.

Are there any risks involved?
Whilst we go to great lengths to ensure that all risks are minimised, ultimately we will be implanting pigment into the skin so these procedures are invasive and with this comes the associated risk. As with any tattooing, you could get misplaced colour, infection or scaring, undesired result or colour or an allergic reaction.

What if trends change?
​As permanent cosmetics professionals, we always listen carefully to what your requirements are and design accordingly. We will always offer advice and give you the benefit of our experience and advice. If you do decide at a later date that you want to change your look, we can change colours by blending another over the original or amend your style, within reason.