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Permanent Makeup Treatments

We offer a range of permanent makeup treatments to suit you from our state of the art clinic in Cheadle, Stockport. We do a full consultation which includes your skin tone analysis and colour selection, then we work with you on your design and get your input into this is crucial stage so that we can create the right look and style, just for you. We treat each person as an individual and want to ensure that you are absolutely delighted with your new look.

One retouch appointment is always included with any permanent makeup treatment you have with us. This is to assess how the pigment has taken to your skin as the healing process varies from client to client and we add in more pigment if necessary.

Our clients come from all over Manchester, Cheshire, and Stockport and beyond for our permanent makeup treatments, see our online reviews, they speak for themselves.


We have a wide selection of wonderful colours to define your lips and to create volume. Applying lipstick throughout the day is a thankless task, it is time consuming and repetitive. Using permanent cosmetics you no longer have to participate in that daily ritual.

You can go for a natural shade or a colour closer to your favoured lipstick, you may prefer to go for a softer lip blush effect or the more defining full lip colour, the choice is yours but the results will be noticeably enhanced, fabulous fuller lips.
With the added benefit of no more smudging or lipstick bleed, you will have perfect lips at all times.


Your eyebrows frame your face and are the backbone of your facial structure. They help us express our emotions and can be the most transformational of all permanent cosmetic treatments. Well-groomed eyebrows can act as an instant facelift and help give a more youthful look.
Around 80% of women use an eyebrow pencil so imagine waking up every morning with full, perfect eyebrows. We can create the permanent illusion of real hair, combined with a bespoke colour match, we produce a natural brow.

Perhaps you require a more defined, fuller brow with a soft powered effect or indeed a mixture of both? We offer the very latest in technology, and offer both the digital machine method and the manual handtool method of microblading so cater for most skin types.
From Hairstroke Brows to Ombre Brows, whatever you desire, your perfect brows are just a message or call away…


Eyelash enhancer is one of the most versatile treatments as it can look natural or dramatic. We apply a very fine line though the lash line, so and it makes your lashes look thicker (think freshly tinted lashes) and your eyes smoulder. You may opt for a slightly bolder look; the eyeliner is more a defined top eyeliner which can add a beautiful, yet subtle flick. If you have allergies or wear contact lenses and find that your eyes are too sensitive for makeup this is also the treatment for you.

No more worries about smudging or your eye makeup ‘wearing off’ throughout the day!

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