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Liz Holebrook, owner of 'The Clinic' the aesthetics business which is resident within DPC Clinic

Aesthetics Blog by Liz Holebrook

As a qualified nurse practitioner I have 15 years experience dealing with patients from all walks of life and backgrounds, I have supported patients and their families through the hardest most vulnerable times of their lives. I have assessed, treated and dealt with many medical emergencies. This does not make me Florence Nightingale it makes me safe. I adhere to all current guidelines, protocols and procedures and I am trained to clinically assess whether treatments are safe for you to have when I go through your medical history and look at current medications. Also it gives me the ability to assess whether psychologically you are strong enough to have treatments, and at times I will refuse. I will never add 2 MLS of filler to your lips in one go due to the risk of occlusion and also regret. Many of clients that want the big full Kylie Jenner lips are young ladies that are vulnerable and ill informed.

I have spent years studying and updating my skills. This is why I cannot compete on price with other individuals that attend a one day training course and all of a sudden are deemed "qualified" to offer aesthetic treatments.

This is YOUR FACE! You have to wear it for a very long time so invest in it. Toxin is a medication, filler can occlude arteries and cause a condition called necrosis. This does not happen straight away, do these practitioners understand the importance and implications of checking a capillary refill time?

Any reputable establishments would not advocate any of their clients to go to anyone that is not a qualified Nurse, Doctor or Dentist.

Infection, anaphylactic shock, vaso vagal attacks are all common occurrences. Would an admin assistant turned aesthetic practitioner be trained to deal with this complication? Measure your blood pressure and keep you safe until medical assistance arrives from a qualified paramedic. If you attended A&E would you be happy to be seen by the clerical assistant or a GP receptionist and deem you safe to leave the department?!

Did you know having blood obtained by a unqualified individual for "vampire facials" puts you at risk of not only phlebitis and sepsis but also endocarditis which requires a minimum of 8 weeks on IV antibiotics as an inpatient and can lead to in severe cases death. Also lip filler is at high risk of causing this if you have underlying complications with your teeth and do not attend a dentist regularly.

Also you have to question the risk versus the benefit! Syphillis and HIV is on the increase within the Greater Manchester area which means we are all at greater risk if infection control guidelines are not followed. Unless they work for the NHS or an organisation contracted to them how is anyone updated on these updates?
Lips complications, luckily fixed by a qualified practitioner

CHEAP prices are one thing but putting people's health at risk is another....

I cannot compete on this and I feel it is devaluing our training and experience as health professionals, it reminds me of the days of what we used to call "backstreet abortions" and it's getting worse.

So next time you look at the price of lip filler and choose the cheaper option because you want it done now and not next week or next month think of the price you could be or are really paying.

This industry WILL be regulated and they will eventually be all stopped from completing these procedures and is currently and constantly under review by the BCAM and the UK government.

by Liz Holebrook
Once again, I find myself googling pictures of other people’s aesthetic work on the internet – Instagram, Facebook, Pintrest, Youtube. My husband calls me obsessed!! What he doesn’t understand is I am always looking to improve - improve my skills improve my results and improve my knowledge. Whatever aspect of nursing I have ever done I have wanted to “improve”- strive to be one of the best and make people happy. Now I have ventured self employment with my own aesthetics business, it is even more important that I stay up to date with the market, new trends and best practise. I do have other colleagues that are working in the aesthetics industry but I prodominately work independently in 'The Clinic'.

I decided to bite the bullet and have my cheeks enhanced recently, to be able to explain the benefits and level of discomfort to my clients I need to be able to explain to them the procedure from start to finish not just from a clinical perspective but from a client’s perspective (that’s what I tell myself anyway :-0) . I am currently 2.5 stone heavier and I was averse to having the treatment as I was concerned it would make me look bigger, however it had the complete opposite effect.

I believe that natural results are THE BEST!! Of course if my clients want dramatic changes to their appearance (and some do) I can provide that for them but to me it goes against the grain. Subtle changes and improvements that others will not notice immediately, not quite put their finger on the change to you but say to you “you look really well, or you look well rested”. Many of my clients do not want their partners to know that they have had any procedures completed and that is why confidentiality is the key

From our mid twenties our production of collagen slows down, collagen is what keeps our skin “bouncy”, therefore that’s why things become a little “looser” and gravity takes over. In regards to cheeks our “cheek pads” fall towards our nose creating a heaviness around our mouths. People know these as – Nasolabial Lines, Marionette Lines, Jowls. Adding volume back along the cheek bone can lift the “heaviness” back up and restore a more youthful appearance instilling confidence into the clients and making them perhaps feel better!

If you think this aesthetic treatment would be of interest to you, and would like to speak to a medical professional then please do not hesitate to come and see us within Davis Permanent Cosmetics, based in Cheadle Stockport, Cheshire. We are surrounded by the leafy suburbs of Bramhall, Cheadle Hulme, Gatley and Didsbury and only 20 minutes from Manchester City Centre and a short taxi ride from Manchester Airport and Stockport train station. The lovely villages that surround us are perfect to do some shopping and have a spot of lunch and dinner There is eons of free parking and the kettle is always on.
We also have Permanent Make Up and Skin Therapy under one roof so we could be your one stop shop for making you look and feel great!
Look out for our offer on “Cheeks” being launched on the 1st Novemeber!

It is rather Cheeky!

by Nurse Liz Holebrook

Hi guys, as you are on our page you can guess what this blog is going to entail – yes you're right aesthetics!
Anyone who knows me, knows that I have always been a girly girl who likes to try treatments of any kind! This led me to starting my journey with aesthetics at 27 years old as I had a crease/line between my eyebrows that I have had since being in my early twenties and was due to squinting when I concentrate. I became really insecure about my “line”. Therefore, I found a nurse that was recommended to me by a friend and had my first treatment of Botox anti-wrinkle injections. She was local to me in Stockport and used to visit me three times a year. I LOVED my results. I became more and more interested in anti-ageing treatments and found myself on Google looking at before and after pictures. I then got slightly more confident and started searching for training schools. As a qualified nurse I knew this would be doable, and ethically right that I could train as I was a medical professional, my passion was ignited!

That’s when I found Skin Viva in Manchester, it is one of the largest aesthetic training schools in the North West and I loved the reviews. I decided to bite the bullet and book on a course for the next week. It was now or never. When I arrived at the Skin Viva training school it was daunting – what was I doing? Effectively I was venturing into a world which I knew very little about – aesthetics but also private work. Skin Viva is based in Manchester city centre and is a training school for all levels of Doctors, Nurses and Dentists. They train you in all aspects of Dermal Fillers and Botulinum Toxin injections. They give you professional advice that gives you the knowledge, thorough training and the confidence that you are clinically competent to complete the procedures you have trained in with them.

As it turned out, I had a real skill for aesthetics, and I soon developed a creative eye, the artistic element of my work cannot be overstated. I have to see the client and visualise their end result and understand how it works with their own face. This holistic view is essential when working on the face, getting the look right, natural and not 'overdone' is a real art in itself and one that cannot be overlooked in my work. Ultimately, I am very proud to say that I qualified in what Skin Viva call a 'Skin Injector' and even prouder to say that I am trained by one of the top ten training academies, I thoroughly enjoyed my time training with them.

That was 2 years ago (the time has flown by) and I now have my own clinic called “The Clinic” (sometimes simple is best). It is situated within Davis Permanent Cosmetics clinic in the heart of Cheadle Village close to the Cheshire countryside but with fabulous links to Manchester airport, major motorways, and rail travel. I offer all types of aesthetic treatments such as dermal fillers, muscle relaxant injections, private blood tests, PDO Thread Lifts and much more. My thirst for knowledge and staying ahead within the field of aesthetics means that I am constantly attending updates to ensure my knowledge and skills are current. I am always looking to add to my repertoire to bring you the very latest treatments that are safe, proven and effective.

I hope you enjoyed that view in to my background and how my passion for aesthetics came about and I hope to see you in clinic very soon, if you have any questions, please comment below. .

Liz In Cllinic
by Liz Holebrook
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