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Dermatude MetaTherapy is the next generation of digital skin needling, it works by creating invisible micro perforations in the skin in a quick, safe and painless way. This stimulates the natural healing mechanism to produce collagen and elastin which repair the micro-perforations and leave your skin looking refreshed and rejuvenated.
Meta Therapy offers a wide range of treatment possibilities. Noticeable improvement and skin rejuvenation of the face, neck, décolleté can be achieved. It is also an effective approach for specific concerns like scars, acne scarring, reduction of fine lines and wrinkles. During the treatment, active ingredients in the form of a potent serum is delivered into the skin at just the right depth to be safe yet effective. We can create a bespoke and targeted treatment just for you based on your skin type and desired result. We often combine this with our other treatments for the best result, for example alternating needling with chemical peel treatments is incredibly effective in reducing acne scars.
Chemical Peel skin treatments make use of acids and enzymes to exfoliate away layers of the skin to reveal fresher, clearer, more youthful looking skin beneath the surface. These resurfacing peels are sometimes referred to as ‘superficial exfoliating treatments’ as they harness the power of naturally occurring acids and active ingredients to deeply exfoliate and brighten the skin.

The powerful blend of ingredients in skin peels work to visibly reduce the appearance of open pores, remove dead skin cells, we can target and treat skin conditions such as fine line and wrinkles, acne, hyper-pigmentation and sun damage. Despite the name, Chemical Peel this is actually quite a gentle treatment that can be customised to suit your skin and I assure you, we don't peel your skin off or anything else for that matter!
Fibroblastic - Our Plasma skin tightening is designed to improve skin tone, texture and tightness giving you a brighter more contoured youthful appearance. This treatment is perfect for tightening sagging skin, and ironing out those fine lines and deep wrinkles .
We apply a tiny plasma flash to the target area via a specialised, plasma device. The energy from this device is then absorbed by the skin cells, it then 'damages' the cells, not only does it permanently remove the excess skin but it encourages regeneration and regrowth of collagen and elastin which allows smoothing of the skin. This is a great skin rejuvenation treatment which would be instead of eye or neck surgery, no general anaesthetic
, much less downtime and much less invasive with excellent results! It is perfect for improving eyebags/eyelid correction (non surgical blepharoplasty), face lift and neck lift treatments and lines and wrinkles.
A-LIFT is a nanocurrent non-surgical facelift facial, if you want to reverse the signs of ageing this non invasive and non-surgical facial is proven to improve your skin's structure. Nano-current technology is a constant current which re-engerises the cells in your face and neck which combats ageing at a cellular and muscular level. This tiny current is known to increase Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) production in cells with accelerate their metabolism. Essentially this produces more collagen and proteins which means your skin looks fresher and younger with improved structure, toning and lift.
Amazing results are noticable after the first treatment and last up to six months with regular appointments. No needles, no chemicals, no downtime and no surgery needed.
Whether it's the 'lunchtime lift' facial for you or a more involved, relaxing experience that delivers real results, we have a treatment and a course to suit your needs.
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